“A revitalised version of the F Scott Fitzgerald novel that keeps the jazz age alive with song, dance and spectacle.”

- The Guardian
Esteemed guests, Cats and Dames...

We danced, we drank, and threw caution to the wind as we caroused in the decadence of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant soirees.

From New York to Belgium, South Korea and the UK, Jay’s unquenchable spirit and insatiable appetite for extravagance has been felt through his opulent parties, and he is immensely grateful to have hosted more than 3000 parties for over 300,000 esteemed guests over the last 8 years.

The memories of Gatsby’s parties never truly fade away. After all... they are legendary.

Keep your ear to the ground for where Gatsby will next open his doors; Jay doesn't like to sit still for long.

In the words of the man himself...

"Until we meet again, Old Sport!"

Nick Carraway

Be the first to know, Old Sport!

The word on the street is that Jay Gatsby's next grand gathering is just around the corner, and believe me, you won't want to miss this swell affair.

If you've got an itch for glitz and a hankering for a night on the town, then make sure you're in the know and sign up below.
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Guests are invited to one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties.

As invites go, this is the hottest ticket in town. A world of red-hot rhythms, bootleg liquor, and pure jazz age self-indulgence awaits.

Step back in time and into the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties where you can spend the evening dancing with Daisy Buchanan, clinking glasses with Nick Carraway, and even meet Jay Gatsby himself. As the champagne flows, the drama unfolds.

With unmissable character interactions and beautiful sets, you're invited to dress to the nines and immerse yourself in this heart racing adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal tale.

Welcome back to the roaring twenties!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions, Old Sport? Click here to see if I’ve already answered them!
Any questions, Old Sport? Click here to see if I’ve already answered them!
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I'm a producer, how can I licence The Great Gatsby?
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If you're interested in licensing The Great Gatsby live experience and would like to speak with a member of our team, please send an email to info@immersiveeverywhere.com.

I have a question about a previous booking. How do I contact your ticketing team?
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If your question is regarding a booking for The Great Gatsby in New York, please kindly contact the ticketing provider from whom your tickets were originally purchased from.

For tickets booked through Fever, please click here.
For tickets booked through the box office directly, please email boxoffice@immersivegatsby.com
For all other enquiries, please get in touch with our ticketing team at ticketing@accesseverywhere.co.uk

What is The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience?
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The Great Gatsby is an immersive experience that combines live theatre and audience interaction to transport you back to the roaring 20s and right in the centre of one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties. Whether you’re ready to be the star, or simply want to watch the drama unfold, the level of immersion is entirely in your hands! You can interact and engage or simply sit back and watch as the actors bring the story to life all around you in an an unprecedented experience like no other!

What does "immersive" mean and what can I expect at Mr. Gatsby’s party?
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Immersive means that the environment is designed to deliver an all-encompassing experience; from the moment you enter Gatsby Mansion, it will feel like you have been transported back to the roaring 1920s. You may have the opportunity to follow the other guests into smaller rooms and spaces with Mr. Gatsby himself, if you are so lucky! You need only interact as much as you are comfortable - if you prefer to observe from the side-lines, nobody will mind. In fact, Mr. Gatsby often enjoys doing exactly that himself!

Where can I book tickets?
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Jay Gatsby's latest Soiree has now ended! But if we know Jay (and we do) he'll already be busy planning his next big party. And we have no doubt that it will be even more spectacular than the last so stay tuned for more Old Sport.

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